Hey, the Humaworm people seem to enjoy Sunflowers.  Better than a picture of a fresh dead parasite! :-)

Hey, it’s better than a picture of a dead parasite! 🙂

Humaworm? Here is My Parasite Cleanse Experience Using Humaworm

UPDATE 2014: Before you read this I just want to let you all know that Humaworm is a great product and it works well for getting rid of parasites but it did not get rid of my Eczema skin condition.  I found out what was really wrong in July of 2013.  I was suffering from Topical Steroid poisoning and had to cease using ALL prescribed medications for my Eczema.  I am now going through a long difficult process called Topical Steroid Withdrawal.  Feel free to view my Blog about the condition at http://www.skinmisbehaving.com

Yes ladies and gentlemen, I decided to do something different but don’t worry, you won’t have to look at what came out of me during my parasite cleanse with Humaworm, but boy oh boy was it an experience!

Okay, here is how it all went down:

I was at my wits end after getting a really bad eczema break out in February of 2012. I started having food sensitivities that I had never had before in my life.  Then my neck broke out in an itchy weepy rash of eczema, then my face just lit up in different areas with it, then I acquired a of case of what my dermatologist called perioral dermatitis! Then, all of the sudden I would just itch all over after eating my previous food favorites.  I did not know what was wrong with me.  Medicines and products I used in the past were no longer working.  I was sick and tired more often than not. I did not seem to be getting the nutrients needed from the supplements I was taking and  I would wake up in the morning with my face all swollen and eyes puffy, like I had been in the boxing ring with Mike Tyson! I mean, I was just a hot mess for real!

All The “Cute” I Had Left Was Non-Existent Until Humaworm!

The worst part was that the eczema was spreading into places I had NEVER had it before.  You see what I am supposed to look like.  Even under all the make up, I still look pretty dog on good for my age.  Well that changed almost over night! I was dry, crusty, weepy, itchy and straight up busted! Even with food elimination, supplements, tons of water, moisturizers and some products that seemed to work for a while from the Merry Clinic, it just would not get back under control. For the first time in my entire life, I could not control it!

Last Ditch Effort Led Me To Finding Humaworm

My last ditch (or so I thought) effort to clear it all up was going to my Dermatologist and practically begging for a shot of cortisone or something. Now this is something I never ever want to have to do because of the dangers and side effects.  I was suffering so much though, that I just could not take it any more.  I figured at least it would get back under my control and I would be able to look like a regular human being again. The side effects? I had my period (menstruation) for close to 3 months! My skin? Ha! It just got worse and the perioral dermatitis was just ridiculous! How I tried to combat THAT is another long story in itself!

One day when I was hot, mad, depressed and itching I decided to Google something about skin and causes of eczema and why there is NO cure.  Guess what came up? Well all kinds of listings came up but the word PARASITE nearly slapped me across both eye balls! Imagine, me having WORMS trying to suck the life outta me?! Then I did some further research and found the makers of Humaworm. This is what I found on their website under the category that was affecting me the most:

[important]SKIN DISORDERS & ALLERGIES – According to Humaworm (and other resources and studies I am sure) Parasites that penetrate the skin cause itching. When tissue becomes inflamed from these parasites, the body’s white blood cells increase to defend the body. This reaction causes skin rashes and food allergies to appear. Parasites also create toxins and the skin, being the largest organ, tries to remove these toxins which causes many skin problems. Symptoms include:

Dry Skin
Dry Hair
Brittle Hair
Hair Loss
Itchy Nose
Itchy Anus
Itchy Skin
Allergic Reactions to Food
Crawling Sensation Under the Skin
Weeping Eczema
Cutaneous Ulcers
Papular Lesions

“Like seriously?” I thought to myself. By the way the symptoms in bold are the ones I was directly experiencing.  You should see the rest of that list.  If you want to you can see the whole list on Humaworm right HERE.

I was so through with the break out that I got desperate.  I read the testimonials about Humaworm, looked at the pictures (no I did not get scared, I used to play with worms as a little girl) and decided, that yes, I would give Humaworm a try. Besides, it’s true that we deworm cats and dogs, so why not ourselves? I ordered the product which came in 2 little baggies.  Don’t worry that is explained on their website. I got the product about 8 days later and started taking the Humaworm the next very next day.

Humaworm Really Did Help My Situation!

I started taking Humaworm in November of 2012. What I will do is give you the daily run down of what occurred.  Warning! This is not for the faint of heart, but you may get a laugh or two out of it. it is a long read but worth it.  I get very transparent with this too, so hold onto something.

Day 1 – The first dose of Humaworm gave me a heart burn like feeling and I felt something move and twitch with what seemed like shock right at the base of my esophagus, leading to my stomach.  Hmm, was it a critter waiting right there for his next meal or something? If so, GOOD. Ha! I pooped that but nothing of the ordinary came out.  The Humaworm takes a little while to work, but  I was getting excited and getting ahead of myself.

Day 2 – Heartburn feeling again with the morning dose. Felt fine, nose started itching like crazy though.

Day3 – Morning dose=Heartburn feeling. Felt a little tired and kept sneezing for a while that morning. Nose itching again this night. Pooped, saw nothing out of the ordinary….still excited.

Day 4 – MDHF (See above) Still feeling tired, nose still itchy. Popped off a lot of gas this day….a lot of gas.

Day 5 – MDHF (See above again) Got a little bounce back in my step but had a headache on this day. Later on that night my eyes got really watery.

Day 6 – MDHF (See above…again)Feeling some little crawly things inside my body. Feeling extremely tired so slept most of the day. I guess the critters started running for the hill, or as I was told…my anal area. Dropped afternoon load, forgot to look.

Day 7 – MDHF (See above…again) Dropped a morning load, saw some little white things. I did not look close enough.  Could of been the grits I had for breakfast.

Day 8 – MDHF (See above yes…again) Feeling a little weak this day but okay, no load. Been popping off a lot of gas though.

Day 9 – MDHF (I think you know what I am talking about now) Aches and Pains in legs on this day and feeling itchier than usual. Dropped a load, did not bother to look.

Day 10 – Dropped a morning load, did not look had to rush out the door. Feeling okay throughout the day.  Dropped an afternoon load too, forgot to look before I christened the bowl with toilet paper.  Kept thinking that perhaps I should go get some chopsticks to poke around with the next time.

Day 11 – Dropped a nice sized load, saw some little critters scattered around in there, kinda long stringy white things in the mix. Yes Humaworm is working!

Day 12 – Major runny nose on this day and eyes started watering again. Felt tickling in my ears too.  I guess Humaworm gets all up in your head too.  Not sure if there were any critters dying in my ears or if it was just the earwax repositioning itself. Dropped a load and saw a lot of little things bundled up in there.

Day 13 – MDHF (See way above-it came back) Feeling okay this day, nose still runny, got some drops for my eyes due to my “dry eye” condition.  It makes no sense to call watery eyes dry eyes, but whatever, that is what I was told. Dropped two loads, one in the morning and one in the afternoon.  Both times I saw some things that I just don’t want to talk about. Okay fine, it really stunk.  I mean my rump was RIPE on this day and I saw more of those little white stringy things.

Day 14 – MDHF (Heartburn feeling…in case you missed it) Felt kind of feverish and sweaty this day and tired again. Didn’t feel like doing too much of anything.  I dropped another load and did not bother to look.

Day 15 – Half way through! still not feeling all that great and I hadn’t been drinking enough water either. It started showing up on my skin as toxins were being released I was getting a few cracked open areas on some of my fingers that have eczema and under my bottom lip where the perioral dermatitis was.  Not big crack opens but it wasn’t a good look.

Day 16 – Dropped a morning load, saw some more dead critters thanks to Humaworm. Had some right knee pain and felt sweaty..

Day 17 – No load in the morning but something came out of my um, girl part and it was NOT pretty or anything that I had ever seen come out of there before. It had what looked like to be tentacles.  I might want to have my significant other get on this program too.  Just saying.  I also dropped a night load that was super officially funky too.

Day 18 – Feeling pretty dog on chipper on this day, alert, focused and ready to get rid of some more junk! On this day when I dropped the one and only stinky load of the day, I saw some little cotton ball-like critters.  They were cute until I found out that they may have been Candida! Yuck!

Day 19 – Wait, more cotton ball-like creatures came out with the first load.  I counted exactly 7 of them! What the?!

Day 20 – Something strange happened on this night. I could not shake the weird feeling in my legs and kept feeling like I had to move them while I was laying down. Then I got really itchy.  I then had to go to the bathroom again and dropped a big load.  I saw some more of those white stringy things and 2 cotton ball-like critters.

Day 21 – MDHF (See above, yes heartburn feeling in the morning with first dose again) I thought I could get used to the heartburn feeling, luckily it goes away after a short while. Dropped another load and although it looked strange, I did not do any detective work on it. I think the makers of Humaworm should supply a magnifying glass and some tools (sticks and rubber gloves) to probe the load with.

Day 22 – MDHF and dropped a morning load, just saw some little grain-like things.  I probed not further because I was thinking, “okay I’ve got 8 more days of this”.  I’ll be straight with you, I was happy as a lark that the product was indeed working, but I was ready for the finish line and hoping for a huge finale.

Day 23 – Um, no load today and have no clue as to why but feeling okay, just sweaty. I swear even the name “Humaworm” is sort of funny, still excited though.

Day 24 – Wait what, just had a small load with little white things but also noticed white stringy things had come out with my urine stream. They floated and then sank.  I hadn’t noticed this before when I only had to pee.

Day 25 – Okay now this is a trip! I was in a “public” restroom and I could not drop the load (constipated?) so I gave up and almost gave in until I popped off the loudest and longest fart on this side of creation! I also felt something emerge from all that thunder.  I got up and turned around to look.  I saw 3…3 white parasites (a.k.a worms) sitting in the toilet. Now that was Crazy! Hey. at least I got them out!

Day 26 – Feeling GOOD but saw more cotton ball-like creatures in the one and only load for the day. Humaworm was certainly worth every dime I spent on it.

Day 27 – I have a lot of energy on this day and have been sharing my experience with friends and family.  Actually I had been sharing my experience from day like, 5. No loads on this day though and it seems like the heartburn feeling has ceased…at least for now.

Day 28 – Morning load produced some “little ones” and I also noticed how much more well rested I feel.

Day 29 – Noticed more little white stringy critters in both loads.  How many are there? Dang! I also noticed my skin “feeling” better” but I still was not drinking enough water.

Day 30 – This is the last day of my Humaworm cleanse and I feel good.  My skin is not totally clear but I am less itchy and not all swelled up in the face.  I produced only one load on this day and did not bother to look.

[warning]I just want to warn some of you who have skin issues like I do, MAKE CERTAIN that you drink plenty of water each day because as these critters are dying, toxins get released from your body and the results of this end up on your skin.  You need to drink the water to help wash out the toxins otherwise you will end up like I did, having to pay a visit to my Dermatologist again any way.  I had to be put on anti-biotics for a skin infection I had before taking Humaworm that worsened and unfortunately had to get a script (a.k.a prescription) for prednisone pills to help me get cleared up.  Don’t let that be YOU![/warning]

All in all Humaworm works.  I feel better overall, I am not all itchy and I can eat whatever I want now (excluding the food I have to stay away from anyway due to my eczema) and even though I had to go back to the Dermatologist (that was my fault) my skin is still holding up pretty dog on good. I am so pleased with the results that I WILL be taking it again starting in February.  I am currently taking their HumaCleanse which is their colon cleansing product to help bind all the toxins and dead parasites and get them outta me!  Thanks goodness I found a 99% solution!

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