(last name pronounced Fuh-sell)


Good Times

I was born in Connecticut and raised in a small town called Stratford by two loving parents who have been married (since this writing) for over 63 years. I almost wasn’t born actually. Good thing my Mother got that second opinion after her doctor thought I was a tumor! I am the youngest of 5 siblings and grew up in a strict but loving Christian household. During my youth I was taught how to love, respect and care for others and how to teach others about the Bible.  I actually had a great childhood with lots of love, travel, friendships and yes, adventure.  You should read my diaries. :0)

Besides traveling south to visit relatives during the summer months, I was one of those girls (called a tom boy) who hung out with the boys in the neighborhood climbing trees, exploring, playing kickball in the street and walking to the town library a few miles away for a little rest and relaxation, sometimes with a good book.

During my teen years I enjoyed the arts, well that actually started when I was a child. Whether it be playing a musical instrument (I played the flute, bass clarinet and french horn), drawing, listening to music my peers turned their noses down to (like Menudo instead of New Edition and Prince instead of Michael Jackson) or writing poetry. I was told that I was a little “different” but I still don’t know why.  Perhaps it’s because I never really followed my crowd of peers? I was a bit of a free spirit….still am.


My Daughter and I Some Years Ago

Everything I have been through in life has made me the person I am today. Believe me, I am happy that I was raised the way I was for more reasons than one. While I can be funny, serious and strong-willed (yes a bit stubborn) I am a bit of a home body but do like to travel when I can.  I am still creatively inclined, enjoy helping people and I love to learn. In fact I am a student of continued education. What kind? Personal development, both spiritual (Bible based Knowledge) and extracurricular.

My Nephew Daymon A.K.A. Daym Drops introduced me to the internet in 1997 and it and I have come a long way since then. I was also introduced to the world of MLM (Multi Level Marketing) A.K.A. Network Marketing during the tail end of 2003 when I joined my first company.


Rewarded for Becoming a Diamond Executive

Top 3 credentials (and an extra one) relating to my expertise:

1. 18+ years of Sales (Inside/Outside) and Customer Service experience.
2. Recruited/Sponsored over 270 people during my time in the industry, building large teams.  I am not the heavy hitter type, but my recruiting skills are better than those who only recruit about 3 people in their entire career.
3.  I am a self taught web designer who dabbles in graphic arts as a hobby.



Here’s some more:

4. I am a former Hairdresser & Cosmetologist

5. I enjoy spoken word poetry

5. I love live music, especially Jazz

7. I am a huge Prince fan

8. I enjoy singing loudly when nobody is around

9.  I love Tiramisu (an Italian dessert)

10. My favorite colors are Purple and Pewter

11.  I enjoy Internet Network Marketing and Social Media very much

My Lead Generation

When I started in this industry, I used the belly to belly approach. I often became frustrated though because I wished there was an easier way of doing things. So what ended up happening? I caught the creative vibe and got a clue!

I became really interested in online marketing in 2008. I had already personally sponsored many people, but something was missing. I wanted more! I at first took the time out to learn what it was I needed to do to make it work for me. Because I have learned and am learning so much about Attraction Marketing, Internet Network and Affiliate Marketing, it just makes sense for me to share it with others! I want to help empower people by sharing my expertise, knowledge, tools and resources to do just that.


Picture taken only a month before I became very ill.

In the summer of 2013 I became very ill with a medical condition that was caused by the use of prescribed medications which I had to stop using.  I became so sick (and of this 2016 writing still healing) that it was hard for me to work and I could no longer keep up with making things happen online in business. I had to take a long break.  I am back now though feeling stronger and able to push harder.  I am so grateful to all of the friends and family members who’ve supported me through this ordeal. It’s made me a stronger person, someone who now knows exactly what she wants and is determined to make it happen.

That’s really not the end of my story, but I figured I’d stop here for the sake of time. If you have any questions, feel free to contact me!

Thank you for stopping by today! >>>BIG HUG<<<

Wishing you the very best of success!